How many real estate units does Grant Cardone own?

Who Is Grant Cardone? Real estate investor, author, YouTuber
Is Grant Cardone A Billionaire? Post COVID-19 it’s unlikely
Gender Male
How Many Units Does Grant Cardone Own? 4,700
How Much Does Cardone Make A Year? $40m from ecommerce alone

How many units does Cardone have?

Cardone Capital’s multifamily portfolio currently consists of 9,218 units across 29 properties in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Maryland with a value of approximately $2.2 billion.

What kind of real estate does Grant Cardone do?

Cardone Capital, launched in 2017, markets its business model as follows: first, Cardone Capital finds real estate opportunities and negotiates and closes their purchase and financing, second, investors become partners in the real estate projects, third, the properties generate rent, and fourth, the Cardone funds pay …

Is Grant Cardone a real estate broker?

Grant Cardone — a high-profile real estate investor, sales trainer and reality TV star — is teaming up with virtual brokerage eXp Realty in some capacity, though most details of the relationship remain under wraps. … And he says of the brokerage that “we’re going to throw that last little bit of nitro on it.”

Is Cardone capital legit?

Cardone Capital is a real estate crowdfunding platform that offers funds for accredited investors and non-accredited investors. … These kinds of properties have historically proven one of the safest categories of real estate. The funds are also designed for the very long term, with a targeted 10-year holding period.

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Does Grant Cardone own a jet?

Here’s an inside look at the $61M Gulfstream 550.

How much does Grant Cardone make in a day?

Grant Cardone has 3.1 million Instagram followers, 6.2 million Facebook Followers, 1.49 million YouTube subscribers, and 454 thousand Twitter followers.

Grant Cardone’s Money Metrics.

Money Metric Amount
Per Month: $9,750,000
Per Week: $2,250,00
Per Day: $321,428
Per Hour: $13,392