How do I get my real estate license inactive in Virginia?

You cannot practice real estate in Virginia with an inactive license. You may re-activate your license by: Completing the 30-hour post-license education (PLE) requirement; and. Completing and submitting an “Activate/Transfer Application” – Salesperson form with the required fee.

How do I put my real estate license on hold in Virginia?

​If you hold an inactive VA real estate salesperson’s license, you must submit a Salesperson Activate/Transfer Application by mail or online in order to activate your license. You must complete sections 8 & 9 with your sponsoring broker’s information.

How long can a real estate license stay inactive?

Those with a license deemed involuntarily inactive for more than 12 months, but less than 24 months can reactive it by completing at least 28 continuing education credit hours. Any license deemed involuntarily inactive for more than 24 months is considered expired, and cannot be reactivated.

How much does it cost to renew your real estate license in Virginia?

Cost of Renewing Your Real Estate License

When it’s time to renew your Virginia real estate license of any kind, you’ll submit a fee and a renewal application to the REB. As long as you file your renewal paperwork on time, the real estate license renewal fee is just $65 for a sales agent or $80 for a broker.

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What does an inactive license mean?

Inactive license means a license that has expired because it was not renewed by the end of the grace period. … Inactive license means any license that is not a current, active license. Inactive license may include licenses formerly known as delinquent, lapsed, or retired.

What is the difference between voluntary inactive and involuntary inactive status?

Voluntary Inactive – A licensee who has qualified for a real estate license but who voluntarily chooses not to engage in the real estate business during a given period and requests such a change is placed on voluntary inactive status. … A license is placed in involuntary inactive status for no more than two years.

What appears on a real estate license?

The real estate license indicates the name of the licensee, the type of license, the licensee’s address, effective date, expiration date, Seal of the State of Florida, the name of the Governor and the name of the secretary of the DBPR.

Is the Virginia real estate exam hard?

The real estate exam is a knowledge test. It does not test applicants on information that they will intuitively know. In other words, you must study to pass this exam. … With proper preparation, the real estate exam is not that hard.

How long can a real estate license be inactive in Virginia?

When the license has been inactive for more than three years, the Board may waive the educational requirements for reactivation of a license under the following conditions: (i) during the time the license has been inactive, the holder of such inactive license has been engaged in an occupation whereby the knowledge of …

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How many times can you take the Virginia real estate exam?

​You can take the Virginia state licensing exam as many times as needed until you pass. You simply have to schedule a new exam attempt through PSI and pay the $60 exam fee for each attempt.